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Company name: Relax Ltd.
Address: 1. Fő út Majosháza H-2339 Hungary
Phone: 00-36-20-9320550
E-MAIL :info@relaxinfra.hu


My name is Tibor Szabo and I founded my company in 1990.

Since then I have led it with success on my own. At the beginning I bought modern equipment from abroad and then sold them on in my own country. In 1991 I started to deal with different kinds of expansions.
To think and try to accomplish revolutionary things is a common thread throughout my life, but during the past few years I have managed to find professional technicians and engineers, who work for me now with devotion.
As a team we work together smoothly and effectively according to our unique plans and patents.
Our priority is to meet our clients’ requirements and needs at the highest level. Our aim is to pitch new products to the market, which will make our everyday lives easier and much more enjoyable.
On top of this we are going the extra mile in offering real opportunities through producing special devices according to individuals’ specific requests. We made and make dreams come true. At the moment I am cultivating ideas on several futuristic devices. In terms of our expansion, the elemental aspects are the operability, the effectiveness, the energy economy and unique design of our products. In the Hungarian market I have achieved thriving success and a reliable reputation. The evidence of my success is that I have opened almost 100 salons all over the country. They are still with us because we not only sell, but care and always try to improve our services. We have received excellent responses from our clients as well as from consumers. This is one of the main reasons I have decided to try to sell our products abroad.
The result of this is that you can find our products now in Romania, Italy, Norway, Spain and soon in the United Kingdom.
I have also carried out negotiations in Canada.
At the moment I want to focus on my team in the UK, who are ready to take your interests and meet your requests. We have thought upfront and already started to train a few members of our staff in the maintenance and assembly of the RELAXinfra products in Manchester.
I hope you will give me a chance to back up my statement and promote our past achievements.
I look forward to hearing from you and working together to reach corporate targets. If you have any queries about the company or our products please do not hesitate to contact our distributor, based in Manchester.

Thank You

Address: Relax Kft, H-2339 Majosháza, Ujhegyi ut 39/4, Hungary

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