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Relaxinfra Body Shaker Pro

Body Shaker is a many-sided device, which can be used in many area of life.
In sportsmen training the introduction of Body Shaker was a huge step and it is still stands for the basic development in leading sports.
The vibration training can be used for regular fortification, than again this machine is capable for combination of physical training and for warm up.
Studies have shown that vibration can increase blood flow to muscle, tendon and ligament tissues ,and stimulate the release of hormones that are needed for healing damaged tissues. It is very effective for improving balance , strength and preventing the muscle and bone loss that comes with.
This device it is perfect for people who are struggling with growth problem. There are numerous positive effects of the vibration training on sportsmen:
- dynamism
- maximal shape
- speediness
- agility and elasticity
- circulation
- recovery, regeneration
It is advisable for injuries and for this, the device can be used for a treatment in case of hurt.
The vibration training it can be utilize perfectly with other type of training too. 10 minutes vibration training effect is equal with 150 leg lift and cowering. For the efficiency of this training it is advisable to use weight twice a week during five weeks .
The following advantages has the vibration training for the sportsmen:
- They can do exercises more intensively
- The training is more efficient and needs less time
- It is an easy way to stimulate the hormones
- The pressure on the sportsman is small and it doesn’t require special technology or effort.
The Body Shaker can be used for many purpose, such as: fitness , physiotherapy, rehabilitation and for beauty treatments.
The vibration training is very useful before and after work out. It can give you an energetic feeling. The use of the Body Shaker manifests in a short period of time and it develops the quick revitalization. The device can be useful during the weight loss period, it stimulates the hormones.
The vibration training originally was used for curing physical abnormality . Nowadays it is used as a supplementary treatment for acute back problems, ligament injury, ooze flux, partial paralysis.
Size: 160 cm tall,105 cm long, 120 cm wide
Energy Voltage: 230V, 2.5 A, 0.5kw