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Relaxinfra Massage Roll

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  • Helps to reduce cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Its intensive massage tones the body.
  • Regular use guarantees weight loss and fat burning.
  • Helps to accomplish a desirable figure.
  • Suitable for warming up before training.
  • Guarantees an improved state of health.
  • Regular use relieves pain.
  • The perfect start to becoming fit again.


  • Easy to use.
  • Provides individual treatments.
  • Not time consuming.
  • Targeted massage focuses only on certain parts of the body.
  • Low running costs.
  • Does not require a huge space and special equipment to run.
  • Regular 220 Volt electricity is sufficient to operate.

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    The Relax Massage Roll is a massaging device which is especially designed for the following procedures:
    - The treatment of cellulite/stretch marks
    -Body toning and shaping
    -Warming up muscles for athletic training
    -Treatment of back pain and other tendon inflammations
    -Fat burning and weight loss
    This intense massage helps tone the body and creates a feeling of overall well-being.
    The built in wooden cylinders rotate in a circular motion thus massaging the muscles of the body. When sitting on the paddles it massages the buttocks and thighs, standing beside the machine allows the waist and hips to be massaged and sitting in the front of the machine targets the lower back. The rotating wooden cylinders reach every area of the body especially the muscles and tendons and increase the circulation of blood to the muscles.
    With regular use the muscles become firmer and toned which makes especially useful for women who have been pregnant before. This massage refreshes the body and helps to reduce swelling while increasing blood flow and circulation. As a result of the increased circulation more oxygen is able to travel to the cells of the body this aiding in cell regeneration. With increased circulation both digestion and metabolism allowing for a more efficient waste removal from the muscles and the organs of the body.
    Immediately following a treatment, most clients report experiencing pleasant warmth and tingling sensation in their muscles and joints. The treatment begins with the feet and gradually moves upward until the entire body has been thoroughly massaged. The problem areas that required a more intense treatment are naturally left for the last part of the treatment period. Towards the end of the treatment clients can usually feel the gradual relaxation of their muscles and the loosening of tight muscle knots. Clients who have not participated in any strenuous exercise also report that they fell a certain muscle fatigue that is associated with participating in a vigorous workout and/or activity.
    The positive effects of the massage can be further aided if clients reduce their coffee and tea intake and replace these beverages with water instead. Drinking plenty of water before and after the massage procedure also ensures that toxic substances are quickly eliminated from the body further aiding in muscle toning and re-generation. The Relax Massage Roll is ideal in an athletic environment as well in a spa or salon. It allows for each individual user his/her specific treatment time frame as well the intensity of the massage. It is user friendly and simple to use and creates a general feeling of well being.