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Relaxinfra X1 Classic

The unique features of Classic X1 for Consumers

  • Huge internal cabin space providing comfortable space for everybody, regardless of weight and height.
  • The only sauna where you can lie down and enjoy the benefits of infrared heat, massage and aromatherapy simultaneously.
  • No need to breathe in hot air from the cabin as your head is outside of the heated chamber.
  • Cool air is gently blown onto your face while relaxing music calms and de-stresses.
  • Natural aromatherapy oils are applied directly onto the body during the treatment.
  • After each treatment the device hygienically and automatically replaces the foil you have been lying on.
  • The most sterile and safe environment ever provided in which to enjoy a sauna.
  • The first treatment guarantees weight loss.
  • After 10-15 sessions the skin will look younger and more supple.

    The unique features of Classic X1 for Providers

  • Tracking of treatment sessions can be sent directly to your mobile phone.
  • A built-in computer allows you to track the amount of energy used .
  • Low running costs.
  • Does not require a huge space and other specialist equipment to run.
  • Regular 220 Volt electricity is sufficient to operate.
  • A focus on development while also taking customers’ needs and wishes into consideration.
  • Provision of a quick and reliable maintenance service

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    This system is designed for a total body relaxation and regeneration through the application of therapeutic heat as well as infrared light rays.
    This device contains a 360 degree 3 Dimensional infrared light-heated cabin which is effective for up to 4 square meter radius.
    The heated chamber contains the same heat (temperature) as that provided by sunshine without the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.
    In addition, your joints and ligaments will feel the therapeutic and health benefits of the infrared light generated heat that penetrates into ligaments and joints with maximum efficiency.
    During treatments, you do not have to breathe the hot air in the cabin as the head is outside of the heated chamber. This device does not produce steam and uses a dry air technology. Cool air is gently blown on face to ensure maximum comfort and also reduces the sweating and redness in the face that can come from the heat of the chamber. In this sense there is no need to worry about ruined hair and make-up. It also allows people who suffer from claustrophobia to be able to comfortably receive this treatment without feeling enclosed.
    It is already an established fact in medical and alternative healing that heat has pain-relieving qualities. In this sense this machine allows for the safest application of heat in prevention of common ailments such as ear infections, throat aches, swelling in joints, and muscle aches/spasms. Regular use of this machine also aids in speeding up the healing of cramped muscles, sprains, spasms and other sport-related injuries such as intense muscle fatigue.
    The human body’s ability to shed toxic substances involves an intense process mainly through the sweat glands, and kidneys. The infrared-light generated heat creates the ideal conditions for the body to generate twice as much sweat than it would normally generate and as a result enables the organs of the body to shed up to three times as much toxic material than normal. For this reason, this machine is ideal for people who are on diet and are trying to lose weight since it enables a better/healthier body free of toxins that would otherwise impede healthy digestion and functioning. Since it increases the body’s ability to sweat, it speeds up digestion and metabolism thus aiding the kidneys, liver and pancreas helping to prevent kidney troubles and urinary tract infections.
    Since it also aids in increasing blood flow to the organs this machine can also help strengthen the heart, increase circulation and aid with diabetes.
    The human body’s immune system is aided through sweating such would happen during a fever. Through regular use of the Relaxinfra X1 Classic colds and flues are greatly reduced. It helps to strengthen the body’s natural resistance to disease and increases the production of disease fighting cells by reducing viruses and bacteria that are susceptible to heat.
    Furthermore, this machine also aids in all kinds of skin-related disorders such as acne, eczema and rosacea. It helps to open up pores and reduces the chances of bacteria infecting the sweat glands and the pores of the skin. In addition it also speeds up the healing of small cuts, bruises etc.
    This device also has a specially built in aroma therapy-dispensing device, which allows for the use of natural oils to further aid the therapeutic effects of the treatments. The application of aromatherapy has also been know to reduce symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses including anxiety.
    Through a centralized computer system the different massage settings can be applied according to the individualized needs of the client to provide for the well being of the entire body. The roominess of this machine allows for comfortable fit of a variety of body shapes and sizes and includes a special silicone fitted bed that adjusts according to the body of the individual receiving the treatment.
    The treatments provided by the Relaxinfra X1 Classic are especially suited for the skin. During a recommended course of treatment (which usually includes 10-15 sessions), the skin takes on a younger more vital looking as a result of the intense sweating and cleaning out of the pores which allows the skin to shed toxins that otherwise would dull the surface of it. Due to the fact that infrared light is especially suited for the human body and creates the ideal conditions under which the body is able to re-generate and increase its well being and functioning. Added to that the aroma therapy also further aids in the process of rejuvenation and renewal of the body. Lastly, these treatments have also been shown to help with cellulite reduction since the build up of toxins just under the surface of the skin is cleaned out. Spending 30-40 minutes in this machines it is equal with burning and loosing 1000-1200 calories
    With regular treatments weight loss is also aided. The treatments transform the shape of the body by smoothing out the fat deposits under skin that usually cause cellulite, as well as acting on toning the muscles of the body. The infrared light rays penetrate the skin up to 3 cm under the surface and as a result help the cells of the body to regenerate and rejuvenate.
    The therapeutic effect of this machine can be compared to a person running 15 km marathon without the muscle fatigue that would typically accompany such an activity. It also helps in increasing a person’s pain threshold and tolerance for discomfort. It is especially suited for athletes for warming up their muscles as well as in aiding in the healing of injuries and sprains. In inclement weather, it also serve as a way to warm up before performing intense sports activities.
    During treatments, the Relaxinfra X1 Classic offers over 70 different relaxation musical scores, which the client is able to choose from. The music also tailors itself in sync with the treatments being performed though the machine.
    The treatments typically last between 30-40 minutes, which are ideal for people who have a busy schedule. The display monitor allows the client to monitor the length of time left of their treatment this reducing anxiety and worry over the amount of time left before completion.
    The machine is very user friendly with an easy-to-use graphics display that allows the user to easily access all the different settings and programs.
    Tracking of the treatment sessions can be connected to your mobile phone (or text message centre) through the built-in computer system that allows for such a procedure.

    Size: 125 cm wide, 225 cm long and 1m tall
    Optimal space requirement: 200 cm wide and 300 cm wide
    Weight: 150 kg
    Energy Voltage: 220V; 12A; 3,2 kW

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