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Relaxinfra X2 Basic


  • Huge internal cabin space providing comfortable space for everybody, regardless of weight and height.
  • The only sauna where you can lie down and enjoy the benefits of infrared heat, massage and aromatherapy simultaneously.
  • No need to breathe in hot air from the cabin as your head is outside of the heated chamber.
  • Cool air is gently blown onto your face while relaxing music calms and de-stresses.
  • Natural aromatherapy oils are applied directly onto the body during the treatment.
  • After each treatment the device hygienically and automatically replaces the foil you have been lying on.
  • The most sterile and safe environment ever provided in which to enjoy a sauna.
  • The first treatment guarantees weight loss.
  • After 10-15 sessions the skin will look younger and more supple.


  • The built-in computer also allows you to track the amount of energy used.
  • Low running costs.
  • Does not require a huge space and other specialist equipment to run.
  • Regular 220 Volt electricity is sufficient to operate.
  • A focus on development while also taking customers’ needs and wishes into consideration.
  • Provision of a quick and reliable maintenance service.

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    This particular device is especially designed to help strengthen the immune system. With regular use, it helps to significantly reduce the occurrence of illnesses such as cold  and flues. In addition to the obvious health benefits, the Relaxinfra X2 is also ideal for cosmetic procedures as well as for people who are on diets and are trying to lose weight.
    This device has three-times the capacity of regular sauna. With regular use during a weight loss program it has shown remarkable results. The programming available with this device makes it possible to warm up before a work out as well as to relax after your workout is finished. It is particularly suited for relaxing muscles.
    The device contains a 360 Degree, 3-dimensional infrared light heated cabin that is effective for an approximately 3 square meter dimension (area). During treatments, you do not have to breathe the hot air in the cabin as the head is outside of the heated chamber of the device. This is particularly suited for people who suffer from claustrophobia since their heads are not enclosed in a small space and remains outside of the heated chamber. In addition this device does not produce steam and uses a dry air technology.
    The device comes equipped with foil covers that help to maintain maximum hygiene and cleanliness. That is, before each treatment with the press of a button a new foil sheet is inserted onto the bed.
    The ergonomic design of this device allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition the graphics and buttons that allow the machine to operate are easy to use for the person who is operating it.
    This machine also contains a display in full-view of the person in it, which shows the remaining time that is left over of their treatment.
    In terms of cost, the Relaxinfra X2 is very cost-efficient and we have ensured that each of our machines is maximized in their abilities.
    The built-in computer also allows you to track the amount of energy that the machine is using by connecting to either your telephone number or Text-message capabilities of cell phones.
    At the end of the treatment period, all the working functions of the machines stop (that is the cooling air for the face stops, the music, and massage capabilities), as well as a low beeping sound will indicate the end of the treatment.
    The device doesn’t liberate humidity this way it is perfect for flats, spas and for hotels too. Size: 125 cm wide, 225 cm long and 1 meter tall
    Weight: 110 kg (230 lb’s)
    Energy Requirement: 220V, 7A, 2,2kW